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Brief Profile

Dr. Aiman graduated in 2005 from the faculty of Dentistry at the University of Tishreen in Lattakia, Syria.

He went on to specialize in Orthodontics at Belarusian State Medical University where he continued to work and practices Orthodontics until 2012 before returning to the Middle East.

Dr. Aiman specializes in both adult and children orthodontics seeing children from 7 years old or earlier if parents have concerns.  He is a great advocator of early childhood orthodontic intervention as it can guide growth and development, preventing serious problems later.

He has been practicing Orthodontics in the United Arab Emirates since 2014 and is very popular in both Sharjah and Dubai, renowned for his informative orthodontic social media posts but more importantly for his outstanding success rates.

Dr. Aiman Obeid

Specialist Orthodontist

15 years experience Member of European Orthodontic Society