Zirconia and Ceramic Crowns


Aesthetics, Functionality, and Durability

When restoring a tooth, we are guided not only by the need to recreate the anatomy, but also to restore the correct functionality. If the tooth’s pulp has been removed or severely damaged, the correct restoration option is to install a crown made of modern materials – ceramics or zirconium dioxide.

Quality, Aesthetics, and Durability at Regale

At Regale, modern diagnostic equipment and the knowledge of our doctors allow us to create a crown model, taking into account all the individual features of the anatomy of the tooth and the bite of the patient. We keep gums healthy and exclude the development of caries under the crown

The material of the crown is completely biocompatible and as close as possible to the enamel of the natural teeth.

Maintaining the Correct Bite with Crown

Experienced dental technicians at Regale create a crown in the laboratory and check the accuracy of its parameters in an articulator with individual settings for the patient’s bite and the structure of the dentition. The installation of the crown is carried out with minimal preparation of the tooth under a microscope.

Crown Materials

All-ceramic crowns are made of high-tech material –  E.max ceramics. This material has exceptional strength, high aesthetic properties, and is easy to clean. Crowns made from it are indistinguishable from natural teeth, do not have a negative effect on the gums and adjacent teeth, and do not cause allergic reactions.

Zirconia-based crowns use a framework made of ultra-strong and fully biocompatible material – zirconia, on top of which a veneering layer of E.max ceramics can be applied. Due to this design, crowns have very high strength, comparable to metal-ceramic structures, while devoid of all the shortcomings of the latter. The outer layer of ceramics allows the dentist to achieve a complete match in color with the enamel of the remaining teeth.

Strength and Durability

We use the latest materials, such as E.max ceramics and zirconium dioxide, for manufacturing crowns. These are extremely resistant to mechanical damage, adding to the strength and durability of the crowns. Generally, the crowns we manufacture can last for a minimum period of 10 years.

Comfort and Health

The crown is biocompatible with the surrounding tissues as it is made according to individual parameters, taking into account the anatomy of the tooth, its functionality, and the patient’s bite. After installation, it does not cause discomfort, does not change the bite, and fits perfectly to the edge of the gum.

Natural Aesthetics

When manufacturing crowns, we pay attention to their color, anatomy, and microtexture so that it is unnoticeable and looks similar to natural teeth.

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