Endodontics and Microscope Root Canal Treatment

Endodontics And Microscope Root Canal Treatment

Tooth decay, dental trauma, deep dental fillings, and repeated dental procedures are some of the reasons that can lead to the requirement for a root canal treatment. This procedure becomes necessary when the innermost layer of a tooth, called the dental pulp, becomes infected or damaged. The dental pulp contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue, and it is responsible for providing nutrients and sensitivity to the tooth.

At Regale, we offer root canal treatment under magnification using state-of-the-art equipment. Our doctors go the extra mile to ensure the procedure remains comfortable for our patients.

Root Canal Treatment Under Microscope

Our dentists, during the initial stages of the development of pulpitis, while the inflammation has captured only a small part of the pulp, make every effort to preserve the nerve. Due to this, the tooth retains its protective functions.

During the later stages, when chronic inflammation becomes irreversible, nerve removal and root canal filling become a necessity.

We carry out periodontitis treatment in several stages. The first stage includes cleaning and treating antiseptic agents. Then, medications are administered and a temporary filling is installed. After the inflammation is eliminated, the canals are sealed and a decision is made on the method of prosthetics.

We perform the root canal treatment using a dental microscope, which increases the working field by 25-30 times. This allows our doctors to remove all infected tissues as accurately and delicately as possible, keeping the healthy parts of the tooth intact, and then filling it with high quality without missing a single area.

What is a Dental Microscope?

A dental microscope is a complex high-tech equipment that requires high qualifications. Not all dental clinics can afford a microscope. This is due both to the high cost of such equipment and the lack of experienced doctors. It can only be used by an experienced specialist who has undergone special training – a microscopist.

At Regale, we have highly experienced dentists who specialize in performing root canals and other procedures using microscopes.

Diagnosis and Treatment at The Micro Level

We have set a standard protocol for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the teeth and gums. This protocol involves having state-of-the-art equipment at our clinic. The microscope is one such piece of equipment. Its powerful optics, which increase the working field by 25-30 times, make it an indispensable tool both for a detailed examination of the oral cavity and for delicate ultra-precise removal of infected tissues.

The most popular field of application of the microscope is the treatment of dental canals. The channel thickness is less than 1 mm; therefore, it is possible to carry out accurate and high-quality processing.

The microscope not only helps dentists improve the quality of treatment but also makes the procedure more comfortable for patients. In addition, it offers improved visual control of the working area, which means a reduction in treatment time.

With a microscope root canal, there’s reduced invasiveness and faster rehabilitation. Furthermore, the ergonomics of the microscope ensure a comfortable position in the chair at a reasonable distance from the dentist.

Treatment of Complex Cases

The Regale Center has created a high-tech system of diagnostics and treatment, which integrates advanced technical and scientific achievements in the field of dentistry and related fields. This system radically improves the quality of the anatomical and functional representation of all elements of the dental system and allows even in difficult cases to apply the most sparing, minimally invasive treatment methods.

Extraction of instrument fragments in the canal, detection, and treatment of the “invisible” fourth canal, detection and plugging of root canal perforations, treatment of cysts and granulomas – in each case, we carry out the whole range of measures to save and restore the tooth.

Advantages of Microscope Root Canal Treatment

Full Visual Control

Helps with detecting the openings of old root canals and caries of the contact surfaces of the teeth.

Gentle Treatment

Can remove tissue that has become infected with minimal intervention, thereby making the procedure comfortable and painless for the patient.

Complex Cases

It has the ability to cure root canals and a range of other difficult cases, which can otherwise prove to be very painful to deal with.

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