Teeth Whitening

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Individual Approach for Sparkling, Bright Teeth

Teeth whitening is an exclusively aesthetic procedure and is selected individually for each patient at Regale. Our experienced dentist conducts a thorough diagnosis and examination of the oral cavity with a microscope and then determines the presence or absence of contraindications to this procedure.

In the case of no contraindications, we create an individualized procedure plan tailored to the specific needs of the patient. This includes the selection of the whitening method, the number of sessions, the concentration of bleaching agents, and the need for additional procedures at home.

Teeth Whitening Services at Regale

At Regale, we use the safest teeth whitening system – Philips ZOOM! Whitespeed as it’s highly effective, safe, and causes no harm to the teeth.

The procedure starts with applying a special gel to the surface of the teeth. This gel contains active substances that interact with the enamel under a special lamp.

Before the procedure, the doctor carefully isolates the mucous membrane with a liquid rubber dam, which prevents the whitening paste from getting on the gums. During the procedure, the patient is in a comfortable ergonomic chair and can listen to music, sleep or watch TV.

If the effect of the gel begins to cause discomfort, the doctor reduces the concentration of bleaching agents, taking into account the sensitivity of the patient’s teeth. The treatment results in the remineralization of teeth. This action takes place immediately after bleaching.

Expected Results of Teeth Whitening

The results of the teeth whitening procedure are subtle initially. However, you will notice the final color, brightness, radiance, and shine in 2-3 days after getting this treatment. With our teeth whitening treatment, even after many years, the color of the teeth does not return to its original tone.

We recommend combining Regale’s professional whitening treatment with a home whitening system to further prolong the durability of the results.

Whitening Starts with Healthy Teeth

Our doctors advise maintaining personal hygiene before bleaching for better results. So, your teeth must be cleaned before whitening can begin. It should be noted that fillings and inlays do not change their color during teeth whitening. We correct this defect with new tabs, ideally matching the tone of the enamel, 2-3 days after bleaching.

If the dark color of the tooth is caused by the darkening of the canal, we perform intracanal bleaching. In this process, the whitening gel is placed in the unfilled canal for 1-2 days. If necessary, the procedure is regularly repeated until the desired result is achieved.

Is Teeth Whitening Procedure Suitable for Everyone?

The professional whitening procedure is based on the chemical action of active substances on tooth enamel. Therefore, it may not be appropriate for some people. These include:

  • Pregnant and lactating mothers
  • People who develop an allergic reaction to the components used
  • People with cracks in the enamel surface and untreated teeth (caries, pulpitis, periodontitis)
  • Those suffering from gingivitis, periodontitis, the presence of exposed necks of teeth, roots, erosion of teeth, etc.
  • Minor patients

Reach out to our experienced doctors at Regale to know if you’re an ideal candidate for the teeth whitening procedure.



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