Prosthetic on Implants

Prosthetic On Implants

At Regale, we use non-removable structures that allow the dentist to carry out a complete rehabilitation of the patient in the shortest possible time, avoiding bone grafting and a long healing period. This helps with rehabilitation and complete adentia.

If the degree of tooth decay is such that it cannot be saved even with a crown, or if it is simply missing, the only correct way to install a prosthesis is to place it on an implant. We do not use soldered bridge structures, which require grinding of adjacent healthy teeth, and we do not install removable dentures – these methods of prosthetics do not meet the standards of modern dentistry, and the harm from their use is comparable to the conditional benefit.

This is why we opt for prosthetics with implants. They do not require extensive work and restore mouth functions quickly

Cases that Require Prosthetics on Implants

  • The absence of all teeth
  • Multiple missing teeth
  • Bone atrophy

Extraction and Simultaneous Installation of Implants

Installation of an implant is a complex operation as there are a number of contraindications, a set of mandatory diagnostic procedures, and rules that the patient must follow before the operation.

In classical implantation, the orthopedic structure is installed on the abutment (the connecting link between the crown and the implant, installed simultaneously with the latter). After the implant osseointegrates with the jawbone (within 3 to 6 months), the dentist installs a temporary prosthesis in the oral cavity, which functions until the implants are completely affixed.

After that, a permanent ceramic prosthesis is made. We use all-ceramic crowns and crowns based on zirconium dioxide, a fully biocompatible material, as a durable and aesthetic prosthetic construction. Special attention is made to color, anatomy, microtexture so that the crown is indistinguishable in the dentition.

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