Sinus Lift and Bone Grafting

Sinus Lift And Bone Grafting

The Basis of High-quality Prosthetics

Before dental implantation, it is important to conduct a diagnosis of the condition and size of the bone tissue. At Regale, we make a 3D image of the mouth with the help of computed tomography. This enables our implant surgeons to plan the trajectory of dental implant installation with high accuracy.

If the volume of bone tissue is not enough for reliable fastening of implants (artificial roots), we perform an operation to increase it. This is called bone grafting.

Bone Grafting – Preparation and Procedure

Bone grafting is performed under magnification using a microscope and binoculars. This treatment is preceded by a stage of careful preparation. In addition to conducting clinical tests and diagnostics using the modern equipment of the Regale Center, our dentists make sure to sanitize the oral cavity, which includes curing all teeth in order to eliminate traces of infection that can cause complications.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. At Regale, we use an electronic anesthesia device with a dosed supply of painkillers. To increase comfort, the patient may be placed under sedation or general anesthesia, depending on their preferences.

Sinus Lift

The sinus lift operation is performed before implantation on the upper jaw. The increase in bone tissue volume occurs due to the use of bone material and correction of the maxillary sinus floor.

During the procedure, the surgeon makes an incision, raises the bottom of the maxillary cavity, and inserts an osteoplastic substitute into the resulting space. This creates a volume of bone tissue sufficient for implant placement.

Depending on the amount of bone tissue that needs to be increased, we perform an open or closed sinus lift.

Other Types of Bone Grafting

Bone Block Grafting

The required volume of bone tissue is restored with the help of bone block grafting technique. In this technique, the patient’s own tissues are used as the donor material.

Guided Bone Regeneration

It promotes bone growth using synthetic materials. A transplant is placed in the place prepared by the surgeon, the joints are filled with bone chips, and the entire structure is covered with a special membrane – an ultrathin elastic film.

Why Choose Regale for Sinus Lift and Bone Grafting Procedure?

Highly Qualified Doctors

We have a team of highly qualified doctors, surgeons, and implantologists who have received professional training in Europe. They optimally utilize their experience, expertise, and modern technology to diagnose and treat our patients.

Thorough Diagnosis and Preparation

Before bone grafting, we thoroughly study clinical analyses and 3D images, and perform professional oral hygiene.

Operation without Complications

The use of a microscope and binoculars during surgery reduces the degree of surgical impact on tissues, does not injure blood vessels, speeds up rehabilitation, and reduces the risk of complications.

Safety and Comfort

The operating room at Regale is equipped with the best modern equipment. We make sure the treatment remains comfortable and painless for our patients due to the application of anesthesia. Sterility protocols are strictly followed as well.

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