Interceptive Orthodontics for Kids

Interceptive Orthodontics For Kids

Early Intervention, Lifelong Confidence

Dentists at Regale specialize in interceptive orthodontics for kids. It relates to addressing orthodontic problems among kids before they become difficult to treat. As the jaw is growing, correcting issues, such as crossbite, overbite, underbite, and misalignment becomes easy before they cause more discomfort to the patient and impact their oral health adversely.

When Should You Come for Your First Appointment?

Parents are recommended to book an appointment with the dentist at Regale immediately after their first tooth erupts. Proper dental care, good habits and regular visits to the dentist can help you avoid almost all problems with milk and permanent teeth. Disease simply never appears.

Correction of Bite

The process of temporary occlusion of teeth changing to permanent occlusion takes place between the age of 5 and 6. It is important to plan a trip with an orthodontist during this time so that they can assess the bite and determine the need for orthodontic treatment if required.

Interceptive Orthodontics for Kids at Regale

At Regale, we have created a very comfortable, relaxing, and friendly atmosphere at our center. When you visit us, an orthodontist will determine the type of closure of the teeth and the state of the oral cavity according to the age of the baby. After that, if necessary, further treatment for bite correction is determined.

It can include placing orthodontic plates or partial braces. The use of partial braces in children that fixes 6 teeth of the upper and lower jaw allows dentists to quickly solve local problems related to the smile and ensures the correct development of the facial skeleton.

Partial braces improve the condition of the airways. It facilitates the return of the jaw to the correct position, which in turn, protrudes the tongue, frees the airways, and improves cerebral circulation. As a result, the child becomes more active. Their drowsiness disappears, they gain strength, and their academic performance increases. Furthermore, this treatment also helps with the partial removal of neurological symptoms.

In 80% of cases, braces in adolescence eliminates the need for retainers, which is a device for fixing the correct position of the teeth. A physiologically correct bite is formed, which does not “leave” after the end of treatment.

Schedule a consultation with our orthodontics now to correct the bite of your kid before it causes discomfort to them.



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  • In Dubai, where the pursuit of optimal pediatric dental care is paramount, interceptive orthodontics for kids offers a proactive approach to dental health. This specialized field, focusing on braces for kids and preventive orthodontics, is designed to address dental irregularities early, thereby reducing the need for more invasive treatments later. By guiding jaw development and addressing bite problems, interceptive orthodontics sets the foundation for a healthier, and more beautiful smile from a young age.
  • • A dedicated team of pediatric orthodontic specialists who are experts in child dental care. • Tailored treatment plans that focus on the unique developmental needs of each child. • A welcoming environment that makes children feel comfortable and safe during each visit. At Regale Clinic, every step is taken to ensure that your child's journey to a perfect smile is smooth and effective.
  • Start your child on the path to a beautiful smile today by booking an appointment with Regale Clinic in Dubai. Our interceptive orthodontics program is designed to tackle dental issues early and efficiently, ensuring the best possible outcome for your child’s dental health. Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about our treatments and hear success stories from our patients. Don’t wait—contact us today to discover how we can help your child smile brighter.