Dental Implants

Dental Implants

A Lasting Solution to a Perfect Smile & Healthy Teeth

Implant placement is a complex procedure that requires competent diagnostics and careful preparation. At Regale, dental implantation is carried out only after thoroughly reviewing the patient’s history, studying their clinical tests, and carefully observing 3D computed tomography images.

We use only certified systems for dental implantation. The use of such a system ensures each implant undergoes a quality check at the factory and materials from manufacturers only with proven quality. It is important for us not only to install the implant but to ensure the maximum accuracy of the fit between the structures of the implant and the prosthesis (crown). Therefore, when choosing the type of implant, our surgeon works closely with the orthodontist.

Dental Implants at Regale

Implantation is a completely painless operation, throughout which an electronic anesthesia device with a dosed supply of painkillers is used. For the comfort of the patient, he can be put into a state of sedation or drug sleep (anesthesia).

Preparation and Procedure

The process starts with thoroughly sanitizing the oral cavity of the patient. If there is not enough bone tissue to install an implant, a sinus lift or bone grafting is performed. Implantation in this case is carried out after tissue healing.

Our dentists specialize in the following implantation techniques:

Implantation with Delayed Loading

It is the conventional two-stage method of implantation, which comes with minimal risk of complications.

This method includes crown installation. The orthopedic structure is installed on the abutment (connecting link between the crown and the implant) after the implant is affixed to with the jawbone (3-6 months).

We use all-ceramic crowns and crowns made of zirconium dioxide as prosthetic constructions. These are durable, aesthetic, and fully biocompatible materials.

Implantation with Immediate Loading

Simultaneous implantation allows our dentists to maximize the volume of patients’ tissues and combine two different surgical procedures in one visit: removal and implantation. We use minimally-invasive techniques and microsurgical techniques for this purpose.

The decision on simultaneous implantation is made only after a complete history, clinical tests, and thorough diagnosis, including computed tomography. Surgeons study a 3D image to study the structure of the root, the condition, and the volume of the bone tissue.


Our dentists install a temporary crown for the period of implant osseointegration. After this period, a permanent crown is installed. Crowns are made taking into account the individual parameters of the bite and the anatomy of the patient’s teeth, so they do not cause discomfort and disturb the bite. As they are made from high-quality materials, crowns can last for at least 10 years with proper care.

Why Choose Regale for Dental Implants?

Highly Qualified Doctors

We have assembled a team of the best surgeons and implantologists. Our dentists have been trained in Europe and boast unique knowledge and skills. They regularly improve their skills with Western colleagues and follow the latest trends.

Through the use of progressive low-traumatic techniques in our practice, we achieve a soft, quick, and painless rehabilitation.

Thorough Diagnosis and Preparation

Before implantation, we thoroughly study clinical analyzes, 3D-images, and carry out professional oral hygiene. This allows us to offer optimal results for our patients.

Quality Materials

We use only top-certified implant systems. Manufacturers guarantee the quality of products and give a lifetime warranty on them.

Safety and Comfort

The operating room is equipped with the best modern equipment. Also, we use anesthesia (local or general) to make the procedure absolutely comfortable, painless, and safe for our patients.

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