An Effective Treatment Without Braces

The position of the teeth depends on the work of the muscles and the temporomandibular joint. However, incorrect positioning or alignment impacts the smile and results in oral health issues.

For a beautiful smile and a functional bite, it is important to contact a competent orthodontist, and you will find one at our center of innovative dentistry. At Regale, your oral health will be taken care of in an efficient manner. We install removable devices (aligners), which makes the treatment entirely discreet.

Features of Aligner

These removable devices are able to form an optimal bite and treat the crowding of teeth with large gaps between them. With aligners, the force of moving the teeth is reduced vastly; a tooth cannot move more than 0.25mm.

Advantages of Using Removable Aligners

The Desired Outcome

At Regale, we use advanced machinery to simulate a preview of the result. Furthermore, regular check-ups throughout the entire duration help us check how successful the correction is.

A Hassle-free Process

As aligners are removable, patients can easily remove them before meals or hygiene procedures. This means no dietary restrictions. In addition, aligners are easy to care for. They are easy to remove and wash, and allow the patient to brush their teeth.


Aligners are not fixed to the teeth. Invisible attachments made of filling material are installed on several abutment teeth, and the aligners are fixed on them. On the basis of the casts made, special mouthguards are made for the patient. They are transparent and easy to apply in the daily routine of the day. The patient can also remove their mouthguards during meals.


This is a time and cost-efficient treatment as you will only need to visit the clinic once every 2-4 months. Moreover, the precise movement of the teeth with aligners reduces the overall treatment time.


Caps and plates are not as visible as braces, and aligners are almost invisible. This means you can flaunt your beautiful smile without any inhibitions.

Correct Bite is the Key to The Overall Health

Everything in the human body is interconnected. The jaw muscles are connected with the facial muscles, the facial muscles with the muscles of the neck and back. If something in this circuit starts to work incorrectly, this affects all other organs. Scientists have found that people with a correct bite live 20% longer than people with a pathological bite.

People who get bite correction treatment, i.e. aligners, witness noticeable changes at the end of the procedure. There are no more problems with chewing food, headaches stop, tinnitus goes away, and so do clicks in the mandibular joint. In addition, abrasion of teeth decreases, the shape of the face improves, and the overall aesthetics of the individual improves.

Treatable Cases

It is commonly believed that aligners can only be used for minor issues. However, this is merely a misconception. Aligners can be used to treat a wide range of oral health issues. These include:


It is a condition in which the upper teeth tend to bite over the lower teeth. It leads to painful jaw irritation.


Conversely, this condition occurs when the lower teeth bites over the front teeth. It restricts mouth’s normal functions and causes discomfort.


This is a condition in which the jaw doesn’t have enough room to accommodate all the teeth. It can result in plaque formation.


In this condition, the lower and upper bite cannot make physical contact when jaws are closed. This can make talking and chewing difficult.

Gapped Teeth

This is a condition in which there’s a significant gap between two teeth. This makes you more prone to getting gum problems.


This condition occurs when both the lower and upper jaws are misaligned. It causes wear and tear.

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