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Comprehensive Children’s Dental Check-Up

Creating Bright Smiles for Little Ones

A child’s milk teeth require extensive care and timely treatment. Getting cavities can be painful for them, and the early loss of milk teeth is highly likely to lead to the formation of malocclusion in adulthood.

At Regale, we understand the importance of having the first positive experience of meeting with the dentist, so the child’s appointment with Regale takes place in a friendly atmosphere and in a playful way. Taking the help of toys and children’s books, we teach them how to properly care for their teeth and what should be done so that they do not hurt. Our dentists establish a friendly connection with the child, which helps them get comfortable and develop their interest in the upcoming treatment.

What Does Our Pediatric Dentistry Include?

  • Adaptation to a dental appointment
  • Examination and professional hygiene of milk and permanent teeth
  • Treatment of caries, pulpitis, periodontitis
  • Teeth restoration with crowns
  • Treatment under nitrous oxide
  • Treatment of dental injuries
  • Orthodontic treatment

Treatment Without Pain and Stress

Our qualified dentists at Regale are responsible for the health of the child. Therefore, they select anesthesia individually for each patient, depending on their age, the nature of the planned intervention, dental issues, allergic reactions, etc.

To eliminate stress, we offer treatment of the child under sedation (nitrous oxide) or “in sleep” (anesthesia). These drugs have a calming effect and reduce the level of fear.

Local anesthesia is carried out in three stages, starting with the application of an anesthetic gel. Next, an electronic anesthesia machine is used. The child will not feel even a slight prick.

Treatment of Milk Teeth

Preservation of milk teeth is essential for the formation of a correct bite, so our dentists make every effort to save a child’s tooth.

Before treatment, professional teeth cleaning is mandatory. The treatment of caries and pulpitis is always carried out under magnification using a microscope. This helps our dentists with careful and efficient mechanical cleaning of damaged tooth tissues. We also use advanced and safe, and light-curing materials for filling.

Frenuloplasty of Tongue

A low attached or pulling frenulum of the upper and lower lip can be identified from the very birth of the baby. If this does not interfere with breastfeeding and affect the weight gain of a baby under 4 years old, no surgical interventions are required to eliminate this pathology.

If a pathological attachment of the frenulum of the lip is determined at the age of 4, it is necessary to perform a simple operation to eliminate this pathology (frenuloplasty). Otherwise, the pathology of the frenulum can lead to the development of speech defects, malocclusion, displacement of the dentition, and the development of periodontitis.

At Regale, we perform frenuloplasty of the tongue. This procedure is performed by our highly experienced surgeons.

Why Choose Regale for Pediatric Dentistry?

Treatment Without Pain and Stress

We make sure the check-up and treatment remains highly comfortable for kids and their parents/guardians. Therefore, we use a three-stage pain relief procedure for the most pain-free treatment, to reduce stress, and eliminate the child’s fear of the dentists.

Gentle Treatment

We use advanced microscope technology for our treatments. This improves the quality of treatment and reduces the possibility of complications.

Safety and Sterility

Regale has strict sterility protocols for facilities and instruments. We use hypoallergenic and non-toxic preparations for filling and anesthesia.

Qualitative Diagnostics

We carry out diagnostics on modern high-tech equipment with special settings for children. This ensures accurate diagnoses and timely treatment.

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  • In Dubai, the path to lifelong dental health begins early, with experts advising the first dental visit by age 1 and a comprehensive oral examination by age 2. At Regale Clinic, these initial interventions form a core component of our comprehensive children’s dental check-ups, ensuring each child receives the highest standard of care from the very start. This proactive strategy helps in the early identification and management of potential dental issues, laying the groundwork for healthy dental habits.
  • Regale Clinic excels in Dubai for several compelling reasons: • Our expert pediatric dentists specialize in early childhood dental care. • We provide a friendly and engaging environment that eases children into the routine of regular dental visits. • Our use of advanced, gentle technologies ensures comfort and safety during every check-up. Parents who demand the best for their children find Regale’s approach both reassuring and effective, establishing it as the preferred choice for early dental care.
  • Ensure your child’s dental health is in the best hands by scheduling a comprehensive dental check-up at Regale Clinic in Dubai. Our team is committed to providing top-tier, gentle dental care from the earliest age. For more insights and to witness the positive impacts of early dental care, visit our YouTube channel. Don’t delay—the best time to start is now. Contact Regale Clinic today to take the first step towards securing a bright, healthy smile for your child.