Teeth Filling

Teeth filling

A Suitable Treatment for Cavities and Periodontitis

Caries is a disease of the hard tissues of the tooth that affects the enamel and dentin. While there is no inflammation in the tooth pulp (in the nerve), this is still caries. As soon as the infection has reached the nerve and its inflammation has occurred, it becomes pulpitis.

As a rule, inflammation makes itself felt with acute pain, a feeling which patients turn to the dentist. A timely visit to the dentist makes it possible to eliminate the process at the initial stage and save the nerve from removal, thereby preserving the protective properties of the tooth.

If the inflammation develops asymptomatically, which often happens with chronic pulpitis, it reaches the tissues surrounding the tooth root and causes periodontitis. In this situation, the question is not about saving the nerve, but about saving the tooth from removal.

One should not wait until pain appears to get it treated. Simple caries can lead to periodontitis and tooth loss. At this point, it may already be too late. So, it is necessary to regularly visit the dentist for prevention and undergo a professional teeth cleaning procedure.

Gentle and Painless Treatment at Regale

The Regale Center has created a comprehensive diagnostic system that allows you to accurately determine the stage of development of caries and the degree of spread of infection. With this information, our doctors form an individual treatment plan for the restoration of the tooth. Before starting treatment, professional dental hygiene is mandatory.

Our procedure for teeth filling to treat caries is completely painless, thanks to the application of three-stage anesthesia. We use electronic anesthesia apparatus for individual calculation of anesthesia and its dosage. 

Patients can resume their active lifestyle almost immediately after getting this treatment as the effect of anesthesia is localized and does not affect facial expressions and clarity of speech. At the request of the patient and in the absence of contraindications, treatment can be carried out under sedation or general anesthesia.

Teeth Filling Process

We always use a rubber dam to achieve perfect adhesion of the filling to the tooth and its tightness. Our doctors use an advanced microscope to remove the infected tooth tissues. This allows them to carry out ultra-precise processing of the tooth, in which healthy tissues are not affected. This enables them to carefully polish and grind the filling.

We follow this proactive approach as unpolished areas retain plaque on their surface and, together with a poorly polished edge, lead to the development of secondary caries. Our doctors treat caries from the first time.

Restoring Form and Function

At Regale, we also offer mouth restoration services. We use modern, high-tech materials to restore the tooth. These include Swiss light-cure composites and inlays made of E-max ceramics. It is a durable and easy-to-care material that has similar properties as that of natural tooth enamel.

The choice of the optimal tooth restoration material is determined individually, depending on the patient’s conditions and other important factors. 

Regardless of the chosen method, we carry out tooth restoration at a high aesthetic level. Our doctors maintain correct anatomy and tone-on-tone matching with tooth enamel. In addition, the correct bite is maintained, and full functionality is restored to the tooth. We also provide training in proper brushing of teeth and maintaining proper hygiene to each patient.



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