Tooth Extraction


Safe and Painless Tooth Extraction for a Healthy Smile

Diagnostics and Planning

The Regale center has created a high-tech diagnostic system. It enables our doctors to perform surgical procedures in order to remove complex teeth carefully and without complications.

As a leading dental clinic in Dubai, we are focused on the preservation of natural teeth and try to save “difficult” teeth and restore their functionality. In cases where there are direct indications for tooth extraction, or it concerns a problematic wisdom tooth, we prepare an individual plan for the operation. This includes taking X-ray diagnostics to determine the anatomy of the tooth, the location of the roots, and the condition of the tissues around the tooth.

Tooth Removal Surgery at Regale

At Regale, we use atraumatic and minimally invasive techniques that significantly speed up healing. We carry out the procedure quickly, without pain, and without the use of force. Our three-stage anesthesia technique makes the operation to remove the tooth completely painless. At the request of the patient and in the absence of contraindications, they can be immersed in a state of sedation or general anesthesia.

The operation is performed under magnification using a microscope and binoculars. The surgeon removes the tooth as carefully as possible from the hole, without injuring the vessels, gums, and bone tissue. This method allows our dentists to save the interradicular bone as this bony septum is very important.

To exclude the possibility of inflammation, the hole is treated with an antiseptic, if necessary, sutures are applied. Precise incisions, microsurgical techniques, and very fine diameter sutures ensure rapid, complication-free healing.

For patients who want to preserve the aesthetics of their smile, tooth extraction surgery can be combined with the installation of a temporary crown on the implant according to the one-stage implantation method.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are one of the most common sources of oral problems. Uncut wisdom teeth hurt, and if they grow at an angle, they can destroy healthy neighbors. In addition, wisdom teeth are prone to caries. Removing them can be difficult due to their incorrect position or root structure.

At Regale, our surgeon chooses the most effective wisdom tooth removal method after studying the patient’s X-rays and 3D computed tomography images. The entire procedure is completely painless due to the use of local or general anesthesia.

Remember that wisdom teeth do not require preservation or restoration because their absence does not affect health in any way. For further information or to get wisdom tooth removal services, book your appointment now!



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