Exclusive Teeth Restoration

Exclusive teeth restoration

Aesthetic Restoration of the Anatomy of the Tooth

With the help of composite restoration and ceramic inlays, we correct dental defects, such as chips and cracks and unsatisfactory tooth shape.

Aesthetic restoration of teeth is a multifaceted work that combines the sculptural skill and perfectionism of Regale specialists and their deep knowledge in the field of gnathology. Their specialization in Gnathology means changing the anatomy of the tooth does not entail negative consequences for the health and comfort of patients.

Exclusive Teeth Restoration at Regale

Our doctor uses composite for exclusive teeth restoration services. It is a dental restorative material that cures when exposed to light and becomes as strong as tooth enamel. The dentist works with it like a sculptor, achieving the most natural effect.

Combining different dyes in one work, the dentist accurately imitates the shade and texture of the patient’s natural teeth. The composite is indispensable for correcting small defects and chips. It preserves the tooth’s own tissues, as it does not require much preparation of the enamel before application. At Regale, we use the best materials to perfectly mimic enamel, its structure, and translucency, using several latest-generation composites with unique properties.

The use of a dental microscope makes it possible to achieve incredible accuracy of the restoration, in which the restored tooth does not differ from the real one and mimics its shape in the smallest detail with all fissures, tubercles, and cavities.

Our Process

Despite the availability of technology, only an orthodontist-gnathologist specializing in this type of work, with good knowledge of tooth anatomy, developed skills as a sculptor, and strictly follows the principles of gnathology, can make a high-quality restoration. And this is why you should rely on Regale for teeth restoration. Each doctor in our team is highly experienced, professionally trained, and well-versed in the use of modern technology.

Unlike restoration with composite materials, we create a ceramic inlay in a high-tech laboratory based on an impression of the patient’s tooth made by the dentist. The impression is scanned, and a 3D model of the inlay is made and machined on a digital milling machine from a ceramic material that is as close as possible to the properties of tooth enamel. The resulting inlay is checked on an articulator, in which the individual bite of the patient and the structure of the dentition are modeled.

When installed, the inlay fits perfectly to the patient’s tooth and does not require subsequent grinding of excess material. The lifespan of a ceramic inlay, subject to proper dental care, is at least 10 years.

The choice of the optimal material for tooth restoration is made individually, taking into account the entire clinical situation.

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