Comprehensive Gnathological Diagnostics

Comprehensive Gnathological Diagnostics

Diagnostics – The Key to Successful Treatment

Regale’s innovation center is setting a new premium treatment standard. All key aspects of our services – high-tech equipment, advanced materials and technologies, the level of qualification of specialists – are based on full compliance with the advanced European treatment protocols.

The Effect of a Bite On Health

Gnathological diagnosis is necessary for the highest quality dental treatment, especially when prosthetics and correction of a bite.

Several dental procedures, such as the crown, veneers, correction of bite, and the restoration of the tooth using composite affect the bite. This means that the entire temporomandibular joint is impacted.

A Gnathologist examines the effect of new prosthesis or position of the teeth on the joint so that the muscles do not experience load, pain, jaw popping and clicking, and tooth grinding. Therefore, detailed diagnosis is necessary before any treatment, and this is where comprehensive gnathological diagnostics proves to be useful.

Gnathological Examination

Gnathological examination at Regale is carried out using modern, high-tech equipment. Our doctors have access to microscope, radiography and computed tomography, condilography, and other advanced equipment that enables them to comprehensively analyze the clinical situation and ensure high-quality and safe treatment.

Besides that, they use articulator and arc facial to carry out TMJ procedure and analyzing the closure of the dentition. These procedures are carried out to analyze any intervention in the bite and operating the dentition.

Salient Features of Comprehensive Gnathological Diagnostics

Staff Training at Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry (VIESID)

VIESID is founded by Professor Rudolf Slavicec at the University of Danube for teaching and training dentists and dental technicians on gnathological concept. Thanks to the professor, thousands of patients from around the world received competent dental treatment

Dentists at Regale have been trained in VEISID, so our patients receive high-quality, thoroughly thought-out, and planned treatment. Our doctors, treating even just one tooth, understand how this can affect the work of the entire dentist system.

Application of The Global Concept

  • In diagnostics: Thanks to the condilograph, our doctors can examine TMJ. This helps to properly plan treatment and avoid health problems later on.
  • In Therapy: The understanding of gnatologial concept helps our dentists to restore teeth and their anatomy. This helps with achieving the correct closing of the dentition.
  • In Orthopedics: An orthopedist plans and conducts competent prosthetics, and the dental technician makes crowns and prostheses using the articulator under the patient’s bite.
  • In Orthodontics: The doctor, using a condilograph, studies the work of the temporomandibular joint and corrects the position of the teeth so that the work of the dentition system is not disturbed.

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