Deep Prophylactic Fluoridation and Remotherapy

Deep Prophylactic Fluoridation and Remotherapy (1)

Strengthening Enamel for Enhanced Teeth Protection from Oral Health Diseases

The process of restoring enamel is the final stage of professional oral hygiene. It includes procedures, such as deep prophylactic fluoridation and remotherapy, also called remineralization. Getting these procedures on a regular basis can increase the strength of enamel by 10 times and reduces the risk of cavities by 70%.

At Regale, our experts carry out these procedures quickly and efficiently, using the most advanced techniques and effective drugs.

Deep Fluoridation

Deep fluorination is a unique method of restoration of dental enamel and hard tissues of the teeth, used in modern dentistry.

Unlike ordinary fluoridation, deep fluoridation is carried out by a special sealing solution that penetrates deeper into the tooth enamel and remains there in the form of deposits of calcium fluoride. After the procedure, the surface of the teeth is strengthened, the sensitivity of the enamel decreases, and the resistance to the destructive effects of caries increases. The procedure is suitable for both adults and children. We recommend that deep fluoride be used at least once a year.


Remotherapy (remineralization) is a modern treatment and restoration technique aimed at enriching the hard tissues of the teeth with minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

The procedure is suitable for patients with an increased flush of teeth, a special sensitivity of the gums, or damaged enable due to wearing braces. Tooth remineralization can eliminate initial cavities at the stage of the white spot. Enamel microdefects are eliminated, which makes the enamel stronger and less vulnerable to the influence of external factors.

The procedure is recommended to be carried out 2-3 times a year.

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