Why are Cavities Dangerous?

“We change ourselves mainly for one of two reasons – inspiration or desperation” – Jim Rohn.

At Regale, we want our patients to care for their health and make timely decisions about dental treatment. Because if you put off a preventive examination or treatment of small caries today, you will face a complication tomorrow.

Believe us, cavities develop rapidly!

First, a small spot on your tooth turns into deep caries, then nerve damage occurs, which means its removal and the obligatory covering of the tooth with a crown.

At any of the listed stages of the disease, you may not experience pain. At all. Therefore, it is impossible to assess the situation on your own.

So, if you continue to ignore the treatment, the pathological process goes beyond the root system of the tooth, resulting in periodontitis. Many people call this complication a “cyst,” and we call it a radiolucent change.

And even in this case, you may not experience pain!

Fortunately, a competent specialist can cure such a disease. But with a significant degree of destruction, removing the tooth and installing an implant in its place may be necessary.

Do you remember that it all started with a small spot on the tooth?

So, tell us, do you visit the dentist’s office twice a year or leave your health to chance?