Which Dentist Should I Visit?

There are different doctors of dentistry: implant surgeons, orthopedic gnatologists, periodontists, endodontists-microscopists, and orthodontists.

You may think, “Yes, I only need to put on braces. So, why should I get caries treated since my tooth doesn’t hurt? I should only sign up for the orthodontist”!

However, it is important to understand that almost any work, whether orthopedic or orthodontic, requires complete sanitation of the oral cavity. What does it mean?

  • Finally, you have decided to correct your bite and visit an orthodontist. They will diagnose and develop a treatment plan. But, having discovered caries, the doctor will refer you to a therapist.
  • Or you have decided to install luxury veneers and scheduled a visit to the dentist for the same. In this case, it becomes necessary to do professional hygiene and cure all teeth so that the veneers hold well on each tooth and pathological processes do not develop under them.

The moral of the story – it won’t certainly be a mistake if your first consultation is with a dental therapist. After examining under a microscope, carrying out a photo protocol and X-ray diagnostics, they will refer you to a specialist for comprehensive treatment depending on the underlying condition and its appropriate treatment.