Micro prosthetics with Tabs

Micro Prosthetic with Tabs

Restoring the Anatomy and Functionality of Teeth

Restoration of the anatomy and functionality of the tooth using ceramic inlays is a modern, reliable and aesthetic method of prosthetics. It does not require the preparation of healthy tooth tissues. It is also possible to restore the height of the bite after orthodontic treatment with the help of inlays since they provide a healthy closure of teeth that have changed position.

At Regale, we offer inlays instead of large composite fillings, and even in the most difficult cases, we try to save the patient’s tooth and restore badly damaged teeth with the help of ceramic micro prostheses.

Micro-prosthetics at Regale

The process for micro-prosthetics at Regale begins by processing the tooth under a microscope and installing a temporary filling. Then, an impression is sent to the dental laboratory. The orthopedist determines the parameters of the patient’s bite for individual adjustment of the articulator. Each tab repeats the size, shape and slight irregularities of teeth and reliably protects them from caries.

At Regale, the inlay procedure is quite comfortable and does not require any further adjustments. Subject to hygiene rules, the service life of inlays is at least 10 years, during which the tab will not change in size and position.

Gnathological Approach in Dentistry

At Regale, we are a firm believer in the fact that following the principles of gnatology is necessary for a dentist-therapist, orthopedist, and orthodontist during any manipulation of the oral cavity. Inlays, crowns, veneers, composite tooth restoration, or bite correction affect the entire dentoalveolar system. Therefore, ill-conceived treatment can harm the health of the patient.

Due to the “bun” filling, overestimation or underestimation of the bite, malfunctions in the work of the facial muscles, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can occur. To understand these relationships and conduct competent treatment, it is necessary to study the gnathological concept. And our team of dentists at Regale excel in this field.

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