How Do Dental Problems Affect Health?

Our teeth, through the nervous and circulatory systems, are connected with almost all organs. So, caries can lead to unexpected consequences.

What is Caries?

Another name for cavities, caries is a bacterial infection of the oral cavity. It starts with the destruction of tooth enamel.

When we eat food, bacteria make their way to the digestive tract. These bacteria can cause anything. Cases have been recorded when caries was the cause of acne, dermatitis, eczema and other diseases. Patients run to treat the skin, but it turns out that they need to turn to another specialist.

Or situations with headaches. And what about your posture in this case? And what about the bite?

The position of the jaw affects the entire body. With various types of malocclusion, the joints, neck, and back are in the wrong position, affecting the spinal column, which leads to compensatory changes in its position and functioning. And the wrong position of the joints and neck just causes headaches. What are the patients doing? They run to the therapist to treat migraines.

Simply put, it is recommended to start with a visit to the dentist. Sanitation of the oral cavity will save you from most health problems.