The Importance of Bite Correction

If there is a pathology of the bite, it must be corrected competently. Not somewhere cheaper, but competently.

Orthodontics (bite correction) is a very serious intervention in the microstructure of the dental system as taste changes – everything changes.

The work of the muscles of the dentition and muscular system dictates the work of the temporomandibular joint. Similarly, the work of the joints and muscles dictates the work of the whole body. And for all of this, the bite is the base. It even dictates the norm or pathology of the pastor, gait, in some cases, scoliosis, and so on. Yes, yes, friends, it is the bite that can affect all this.

By changing the bite – the whole body also adapts to the new bite.

According to statistics, in 90 percent of cases, people have a bite pathology, which is discovered during diagnosis. However, Patients, in most cases, never spare money for diagnostics.

Competently carried out and interpreted diagnostics is a 60 percent guarantee of competent treatment (provided that the doctor is competent, of course).

As an example, at Regale, we have almost every patient who is preparing for bite correction undergoes condylography. It is carried out by an orthodontist-gnathologist and reveals many interesting and new things about the patient, or rather about the movement of their joints, ligaments, and muscles.

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