The Importance of Initial Consultation

Among many other things, initial consultation before a dental treatment holds great importance for both the patient and the doctor.

It helps to devise a route of action for the doctor while the patient knows what to expect from the treatment and creates a financial plan accordingly.

How Does It Go?

Initial consultation between the doctor and patient at Regale goes like this:

The patient fills out all the primary documentation and goes to the office where the doctor meets. They talk and find out the full history of the patient, complaints, where they were treated, and what they came to Regale with.

Doctors at Regale believe that before placing a patient on a chair, it is important to understand their full history (all concomitant, past, chronic diseases). Therefore, they examine the entire dentition completely under a microscope, and the assistant then writes down the formula of the teeth.

Next, the doctor makes a primary diagnosis of the joint and determines the bite. The doctor’s assistant makes a photo protocol. Remember that photographs are always important! This is proof of what the patient came to us with.

The patient is given a computed tomography of all teeth of the upper and lower jaws and the temporomandibular joint. X-rays show not only caries, but they allow patients to see how the canals are treated, whether there are “cysts” there, and so on.

After we have: an anamnesis, a clinical examination under a microscope, a formula is written down, a photo protocol is taken, and an x-ray – we already see a complete picture of the patient, and then the doctor can compare all this and designate a clear treatment plan.

Financial Plan

Generally, the financial plan changes during the course of the treatment, depending on the underlying conditions and treatments required. However, at Regale, we follow a standard rule – the financial plan is the maximum possible.

This way, patients get an idea about the maximum cost they have to pay. The final cost can always be lower than the anticipated amount depending on the treatments performed, and this is always more pleasant compared to if the amount increases.